Traditional Use Values

TEAMS-LTD personnel are strong advocates of the full condsideration of traditional knowledge and values in all applicable environmental assessment processes.

The company founder has a long history of working with First Nations and aboriginal communities in both Canada and Latin America, and has been profoundly moved by the unwavering support of people to a culture that embraces a different sense of lands and and the benefits the community derives from their relationships to those lands. There is little difference between the land ethic of First Nations residents of Waterhen Lake, Saskatchewan, to an indigenous community along the remote Prinzapolka River of Nicaragua, or the vast Chaco of Paraguay, despite obvious differences in environment, education and wealth. They all share a system of community decision-making, and an aversion to visioning their lands as  marketable commodities, the values of which are frequentely expressed in terms of heavily discounted economic futures.

The intellectual gap between and among different cultures generally creates zones of mistrust, and mistrust often leads to uncertainty. Many business leaders struggle to fully grasp the significance of such cultural differences and how to initiate efffective dialogue.  A shared understanding of the issues and the potential solutions go a long way to developing a shared vision going foreward.




Contigo International, Nicaragua
 Project Management


* Establish independent office to conceptualize and implement sustainable economic development projects with indigenous people in the poorest sector of the country

* Establish administration, operating policies and financial accountability governing the Nicaragua office of Contigo International

* Plan and implement democratic election process to select Board of Directors for the first indigenous-owned business in Nicaragua

* Liaise with other national and international agencies and donors for project component support

* Prepare all project documentation and budgeting procedures

* Assist indigenous communities with establishment of corporate governance system

* Oversee design, procurement of equipment, construction, operation and management of the indigenous-owned company, Limi-Nawah S.A. and their wood processing facility in a resource rich but remote location


Meadow Lake Tribal Council
Prime Project Consultant


* Feasibility study of commercial forestry opportunities in Nicaragua

* Recommend economic forestry projects

* Undertake review of technical data

* Undertake forest inventory using remote sensing

* Conduct consultation with Miskito Indian communities

* Prepare all project documentation for forestry concessions

* Negotiate and contract legal and publicity services

* Negotiate terms of potential agreement with communities and two levels of government

* Prepare Memorandum of Understanding for Project Approval

* Prepare documentation and budget to support funding


L&M Wood Products, Glaslyn, Saskatchewan (1996-1999)
 Project Management


* Design of Forest Management Plan (FMP) and Impact Assessment (EIA)

* Refine and improve LP Integrated (Bio-economic) Planning Forestry Resource Allocation Software

* Conduct Inventories of all relevant economic and non-economic forest resources

* Design and conduct stakeholder consultation to establish regional and local objectives of integrated management

* Prepare 20 year FMP with 200 yr planning horizon

* Prepare EIA of 20 year forest management plan

* Negotiate plan approval with government

* Assure regulatory approval


Mistik Management, Meadow Lake (1990-1995)
Project Budget: $2.5 million
Role: Prime Project Management
Project Team: 8 – 40


* Design of FMP and EIA on 1 million+ ha’s

* Design of 1st linear programming optimization software for application to a commercial forest plan in Canada with a primary focus on ecosystem supply

* Conduct Inventories of all relevant economic and non-economic resources

* Design and conduct multi-community stakeholder consultation

* Prepare 200 year forest management plan

* Prepare impact assessment of forest management plan


Thunderchild First Nation, Turtleford, Sk. (1997-1999)
Project Management


* Establish an First Nation-owned sustainable outfitting business on 100,000 acres of land in west-central Sk.

* Prepare detailed business and operating plans

* Establish client base

* Design and conduct multi-community stakeholder consultation

* Project implementation and management



Peepaw First Nations
Development Corporation, Yorkton, Sk.

Conducted forest resource supply analysis (timber and non-timber resources) and completion of a series of Forest Management Plans for east-central Saskatchewan.

Saulteaux First Nation, 
Battleford, Sk.

Conducted an assessment of the economic value of lands under candidacy for Treaty Land Entitlement Lands.

Meadow Lake Tribal Council, 
Meadow Lake, Sk.

Development of forestry oriented Integrated Resource Management plans for Reserve Lands.

Prince Albert Model Forest Partnership Committee, 
Prince Albert, Sk.

Developed a successful Model Forest proposal that was submitted to Forestry Canada by a partnership of National, Provincial and First Nations organizations

Valley First Nations, 
Swan River, Manitoba

Technical advisors to Valley First Nations near Swan River Manitoba respecting wood supply allocations from Louisiana Pacific Forest Products

Thunderchild First Nation, 
Turtleford, Sk.

Prime consultant for the development of an integrated land management plan and land use policy

Development of major ecotourism business based on hunting

Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations (FSIN) 

Technical advisors to the FSIN Hunting, Trapping and Gathering Wildlife Commission. Conducting integrated forestry/wildlife habitat management and assisted in development of a First Nations Wildlife Act

Key/Cote Bands, 
Yorkton, Sk.

Traditional lands and employment opportunity surveys for two bands in southeastern Saskatchewan

Meadow Lake Tribal Council, 
Meadow lake, Sk.

Coordination of an Integrated Resource Management initiative that led to the self-management of First Nations Lands within the communities forming the Meadow Lake Tribal Council.

Mistik Management, 
Meadow Lake

Data collected on the socio-economic impacts of forestry on First Nations and heritage sites as part of a twenty year forest management plan. There is a major public participation component to this study

National Indian Forestry Institute, 
Meadow Lake, Sk.

Delivered teaching services to forestry students on silviculture, computer applications, business planning and project management

Prince Albert District Chiefs, Prince Albert, 

Prepared an Environmental Protection Plan for the Black Lake Transportation Corporation related to a route in northern Saskatchewan.

Saskatchewan Indian and Metis Affairs Secretariat Touchwood Hills Tribal Council, 

Conducted an employment opportunity study for the Yorkton District Tribal Council

Assisted two bands with the development of waterfowl habitat mapping and inventory, management plans and proposals to access North American Waterfowl Management Plan moneys.

Waterhen First Nation, 

Conducted research into the historical and current First Nations use of natural resources. The findings were used to assist the community in the development of a resource Co-management Agreement with the government.