Policy & Meaningful Consultation Use

“Goals Chart Our Directions¬†
Objectives Bound Our Alternatives
We Choose Our Paths”

Meaningful consultation is a requisite of any truly successful project. The principal of TEAMS-LTD approaches meaningful consultation as an critical process, whenever the implementation of a development will potentially impact individuals or organizations that have a legitimate interest or concern to all or part of that process. These may be internal corporate or organizational matters, or broad issues that in fact step create impacts beyond the immediate boundary of the company or organization.

Meaningful consultation is beyond providing information in that consultation assumes that one wishes to capture the opinions and/or values of others as an essential precursor to taking an informed decision. Meaningful consultation can only occur when the community being consulted believes their opinion and/or values are sufficiently important as to have the potential to change the outcome of a decision path. To accomplish this, the parties to the process must share and understand all relevant information and must trust the process implicitly.

Where public consultation is either inadequate or insincere, there can be unexpected surprises. The onus is on the developer to ensure that the consultation process is sincere, informed, inclusive and transparent, and adequately captures the values of the potentially affected parties. To establish trust, consultation must be incorporated into projects early in the development cycle, i.e. the publics must be included in the formulation of the alternatives that a developer proposes to compare and in the development of the criteria that will contribute to a final selection.


The founder of TEAMS-LTD is a strong advocate of companies developing meaningful policies to guide their environmental management operations and in the use of meaningful public consultation to ensure a reasonable public endorsement of project developments are secured.

TEAMS-Ltd views policy as the public fingerprint of companies. Policy addresses what companies and/or organizations believe, and the message they send to their shareholders and/or constituents. The TEAMS-LTD principal has a record of conducting policy reviews and policy development for diverse sectors within the broad environmental umbrella including agriculture, First Nations, game farming, and farm woodlot development, and establishing comprehensive operating policy guidelines for two companies in Nicaragua.