Bob’s early career as a wildlife research biologist, including studies on moose, white-tailed deer, timber wolves, lynx, and black bears have served to forge a deep respect for nature and its processes, and for the most part that management requires a commitment to understanding the consequences of cause and effect relationships.

Bob was also a strong advocate of inclusive wildlife management approaches to First Nations peoples during a time of discord and conflict respecting indigenous rights. In the mid-1980’s Bob left the public sector and established the partnership Terrestrial and Aquatic Environmental Managers Ltd. (TAEM) in Saskatchewan. Bob handled the terrestrial side of the business and oversaw the development and completion of numerous small and large projects including forestry, agriculture, wildlife, oil, gas and mineral exploration impact assessments, and First Nations resource management.

By the mid-1990’s Bob left TAEM to work where he focussed energies to indigenous community business development in Saskatchewan and Nicaragua, and the completion of a 20 year forest management plan for L&M Wood Products in west-central Saskatchewan. The forest management plan was based on a 200 year planning horizon with a strategy to maximize the economic value of the forest resource burdened by overriding constraints to maintain a continuous supply of ecosite types distributed across age classes representative of the natural unmanaged forest representative of the zone. This work illustrated what is possible to achieve when information and knowledge is transparently shared with stakeholders to the process in an effort to achieve the very best outcome possible.

Bob moved to Nicaragua in the early 2000’s and worked several years to assist local leaders in the organization of 16 remote indigenous communities and oversee the formation of the first indigenous-owned incorporated business in the country based on forest management, extraction and production and reforestation.

In 2010-2011 Bob joined a tourism venture as a managing partner on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua setting up their system of operating policies, financial management, day to day operations and defining the wellness product the resort wished to develop at that time. Bob returned to Canada in 2011 to focus energies on pressing family priorities. Mr. Stewart’s life experiences have honed a pragmatic and practical approach to problem solving in the natural resources sector. Bob looks at each project undertaking as a unique personality that has a best solution based on the personality traits of the project. The job of the consultant is to be able to effectively demonstrate and communicate that personality.

Bob is also an accomplished scientific publisher and possesses excellent written communication skills. He has worked with numerous young professionals not only as an upper level manager, but also as a mentor to the importance of thinking to decision-making processes.

Bob maintains excellent health and a level of fitness is sufficient to tackle any reasonable project.

Bob is fully conversant in Spanish, and appreciates the culture of Latin American people.