EA/ IRM Processes



TEAMS-LTD personnel have been involved in major roles in numerous environmental assessment, environmental site plans, and full environmental impact assessment projects in western Canada.   This involvement ranges from project lead in the completion of two forestry environmental impact assessments, environmental site and area assessments,  and wildlife  impact assessments to numerous mining and utilities sectors EA’s.

TEAMS-LTD can assist your organizations with all levels of Environmental Assessment planning including impact assessment, Phase I-III environmental assessment requirements, site plans and assessments, wildlife impact components of assessments, and the design and delivery of meaning public consultation processes.

Twenty Year Forest Management Plan Environmental Impact Assessments 
L&M Wood Products, Glaslyn, Saskatchewan  (1996-1999) 
Role: Prime Project Management
* Design of Forest Management Plan (FMP) and Impact Assessment (EIA)
* Refine and improve LP Integrated (Bio-economic) Planning Forestry Resource Allocation Software
* Conduct Inventories of all relevant economic and non-economic forest resources
* Design and conduct stakeholder consultation to establish regional and local objectives of integrated management
* Prepare 20 year FMP with 200 yr planning horizon
* Prepare  EIA of 20 year forest management plan
* Negotiate plan approval with government
* Assure regulatory approval

Mistik Management, Meadow Lake (1990-1995) 
Role: Prime Project Management
Project Team: 8 – 40
* Design of FMP and EIA on 1 million+ ha’s
* Design of 1st linear programming optimization software for application to a commercial forest plan in Canada with a primary focus on ecosystem  supply
* Conduct Inventories of all relevant economic and non-economic resources
* Design and conduct multi-community stakeholder consultation
* Prepare 200 year forest management plan
* Prepare impact assessment of forest management plan


Caprice Resources
Condor Petroleum
Encor Energy Corp.
Ocelot Energy
Chiron Technologies
Mark’s Resources
Midale Petroleum
Samson Canada
Seagull Energy Canada Ltd.
Saskatchewan Energy and Environmental Affairs
Saskatchewan Mineral Resources, Tarragon Oil and Gas
TransGas Ltd.
Tri-Link Resources
Site and Area Environmental Protection Plans throughout south-eastern and south-western Saskatchewan
Cameco Corp., Saskatoon, Sk.
Cigar Lake Mining Corp.
Condor Earth Tech.
Golden Rule Resources
Key Lake Mining Corp.  
Kilborn Western Inc.
Mahogany Resources
Midwest Joint Venture
Minatco Inc.
Radcliff Resources Ltd.
Royex Gold Mining Corp.  
Saskatchewan Mining Development Corp.
Terrestrial components of environmental assessments and impacts for numerous gold and uranium projects in Northern Saskatchewan

Clifton Associates Ltd., Regina, Sk 
SaskPower, Regina, Sk.



SaskWater Corporation, Moose Jaw, Sk.



Rural Municipality of Val Marie


Waste disposal site in south Saskatchewan. 
EIA for the Shand-Peebles transmission line and post- disturbance reclamation activities on sensitive lands. Wildlife and fisheries EA for a transmission line and road from Rabbit Lake to Uranium City in northern Saskatchewan. 
McKenzie River Basin EA  
Fish spawning study and EA in the Waterhen Lake and River in relation to three possible Alberta Environment water management alternatives.
EIA for a proposed road through a sensitive grassland in south-western Saskatchewan.


IRM is a system of land management prioritization in which two or more resource features are jointly produced by a common ecosystem.  For example, a forest produces lumber for trees, photosynthesizers for carbon abatement, wildlife for human use and appreciation, sites for tourism, etc.   IRM is most frequently applied to, but not limited to public lands.

IRM is a process which leads to a decision as to how a piece of land can be managed in the best interest (value system) of the owners, whether it be public or private.

TEAMS-LTD personnel have been involved in numerous IRM planning exercises on both public and indigenous lands, to assist the state or community in arriving at a decision as to how they wish to see lands managed simultaneously for multiple resource values.

IRM is a combination of hard and soft science and meaningful public consultation with stakeholders to assist them with the ability to make an informed decision.